We follow every operational phase of the logistic flow for you, offering you each day the highest levels of personalisation of the processes.

The company guarantees the best care of every single operational phase of which the logistical chain is composed, in order to ensure complete satisfaction of all of the needs of the clientele, with particular attention to the activities of Warehousing and Handling.

Under the first profile, Logistica Sepe Group S.r.L. has at its disposal an area of 16,000m3, using the latest generation of refrigeration units, that allows it to be a step ahead of conservation criteria, guaranteeing an excellent continuity of the cold storage chain.
In this way, in fact, the product is protected by a correct procedure of loading and unloading that sees the entire area divided into three sections.
Outer unit: area that allows a notable reduction of thermal shocks.
Loading area: that allows recovery of the goods before the following phases.
Unit: with the latest generation materials and equipment (last instalment took place in 2014), that guarantee the maintenance of a constant temperature, allow for an excellent conservation of the product.
The company has at its disposal, in addition, an area of 7,000m2 equipped for the storage of “food no food” goods, with appropriate platforms for loading and unloading.
The entire area is constantly monitored by a video surveillance system that is in operation 24 hours a day.
The network of depots, together with the logistical points, allow us to ensure for our clientele the utmost satisfaction of their needs, guaranteeing the greatest care for the products being transported, with complete respect for the timelines agreed upon, without ever neglecting the dimension of optimisation of costs.
In this perspective, the company is in a position to offer its clientele, thanks to the solid experience gained over the years, a superior road and intermodal transport service, through its link with the principal Italian ports.
The use of the most efficient combination of different modes of transport is aimed at the rationalisation of flows and consequently of delivery times, as well as allowing a major control of transport costs.
As far as handling activities are concerned, the company is interested in preparing personalised management of logistical processes, in light of the client’s concrete needs, through the exact performance of the following activities:
• Elaboration of orders (delivery), thanks to the endowment of professional instruments for a rapid and easy elaboration of the orders;
• Management of the warehouse;
• Preparation of the goods (picking), and networking with the aid of computerised technical resources, thanks to which the company is able to carry out a constant surveillance of the warehouse flow.


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We follow every operational phase of the logistic flow for you, offering you each day the highest levels of personalisation of the processes.

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